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The Magnetic Eyeshadow Organizer with Adhesive Stickers has garnered mixed reviews on Amazon. While many users appreciate its convenience and stylish design, others have encountered issues with the adhesive stickers and overall durability.

One common positive aspect mentioned by reviewers is the organizer's compact and efficient design. Users commend the strong magnetic backing, which securely holds their eyeshadows in place. The clear acrylic material also allows for easy visibility, enabling users to quickly find their desired shade. Additionally, customers appreciate the sleek and stylish appearance of the organizer.

Empty Magnetic Eyeshadow Makeup Palette with Clear Top, Travel Makeup Organizer with 40Pcs Adhesive Metal Stickers For DIY Your Own Eyeshadow Lipstick Blush Powder Palette (Medium Palette - 5.7”x4.3”)

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However, some reviewers have experienced difficulties with the adhesive stickers. They note that the stickers do not adhere well to the eyeshadows, resulting in the shadows falling off when the organizer is moved. This has caused frustration among users, as they've had to find alternative methods to keep their eyeshadows in place.

Another issue raised by customers is the durability of the organizer. Several reviewers have reported that the acrylic material is prone to scratching and cracking. This compromises the overall quality and longevity of the product, leading to dissatisfaction.

While the majority of reviews focus on the functionality and durability of the organizer, a few complaints have been made about its size. Some users feel that the compartments are too small to comfortably fit larger eyeshadow pans, limiting its versatility for different brands and sizes.

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The Magnetic Eyeshadow Organizer is an incredibly useful tool for keeping all of your eyeshadow pans neat and tidy. It's lightweight and compact, but can hold up to 20 pans, so you can have all of your favorite shades in one convenient place.

The organizer features a magnetic base that keeps your eyeshadow pans secure and prevents them from shifting or falling out. This is especially handy when traveling or on the go. You don't have to worry about your eyeshadows getting damaged or making a mess in your bag.

What's great about this organizer is that it comes with adhesive stickers, so you can attach it to any surface you want. Whether it's your vanity table, bathroom mirror, or even inside your makeup bag, you can easily find a spot for it. The strong adhesive ensures that it stays in place, no matter where you take it.

The transparency of the organizer's top cover makes it easy to see all of your eyeshadows at a glance. You won't have to fumble around searching for the shades you want to use. Everything is clearly visible and easily accessible.

Not only does the Magnetic Eyeshadow Organizer keep your eyeshadows organized, but it also streamlines your makeup application process. Instead of having to dig through multiple palettes to find the shades you're looking for, you can have them all conveniently stored in one place. This saves you time and effort, allowing you to get ready quickly and efficiently.

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