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The STICKIT Magnetic Top Tier Microfiber Industrial Duster has received generally positive product reviews on Amazon. Many customers rave about the duster's magnetic feature, which allows it to stick to metal surfaces, making storage a breeze. The microfiber material is highly effective at picking up dust and debris, leaving surfaces clean and shiny. Customers also appreciate the duster's versatility, as it can be used for various cleaning tasks around the house. With its lightweight design and extendable handle, it's comfortable to use, even for extended periods of time. While some customers have mentioned that the handle feels flimsy at times, overall, the STICKIT duster is well-received for its functionality and convenience.

Customers love the magnetic feature of the STICKIT duster. Being able to store it on a fridge or other metal surfaces ensures that it's always within arm's reach whenever needed. Its magnetic capability is highly praised as it eliminates the need for extra storage space and keeps the duster easily accessible.

Say goodbye to dirt and grime with the STICKIT Magnetic Top-Tier Microfiber Industrial Mop.

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The microfiber material of the duster is highly effective in trapping dust and debris. Customers have found that it picks up dirt efficiently without leaving streaks or residue behind. The microfiber is also easy to clean, either by shaking out the dust or by washing it with water. Users appreciate how the duster can effectively clean various surfaces, including furniture, electronics, and those hard-to-reach corners.

Versatility is another aspect that customers appreciate about the STICKIT duster. Its unique triangular shape and flexible head make it suitable for cleaning a wide range of surfaces. Customers have found it efficient for dusting blinds, air vents, ceiling fans, and delicate electronics. Its size and shape make it easy to maneuver and clean even the most hard-to-reach areas.

The lightweight design and extendable handle of the duster make it comfortable and convenient to use. Its lightweight construction allows for easy maneuverability and less strain during cleaning. The extendable handle feature enables users to reach high areas without needing a ladder. Customers appreciate the duster's ergonomic design, which allows for comfortable handling even over long periods of cleaning.

What does STICKIT have to say about their product?

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The STICKIT Magnetic Top-Tier Microfiber Industrial Mop is an incredibly effective and adaptable cleaning tool that offers numerous benefits. Its magnetic design enables effortless attachment and detachment of the mop heads, allowing for quick changes during cleaning. This saves both time and energy.

Designed with high-quality microfiber material, the mop head delivers exceptional cleaning performance. The microfiber fabric is renowned for its superior ability to absorb liquid and trap dust and debris, making it highly efficient on various surfaces like hardwood, tile, and laminate. Its lint-free composition ensures a streak-free finish, leaving floors spotless.

Crafted from industrial-grade aluminum, the mop handle guarantees durability and a long lifespan. Despite its sturdiness, it remains lightweight for comfortable and effortless maneuverability. The handle is also adjustable, accommodating users of different heights and making it customizable to individual preferences.

In addition to the dependable mop handle, the system includes an extendable telescopic wand. This wand offers users the convenience of reaching high and hard-to-reach areas like ceilings and walls with ease. Switching from the regular mop head to the telescopic wand is a breeze, thanks to the magnetic attachment system, providing added flexibility and convenience during cleaning tasks.

Due to its impressive features and versatility, the STICKIT Magnetic Top-Tier Microfiber Industrial Mop is suitable for use in both residential and commercial settings. It excels in cleaning large spaces such as offices, restaurants, and schools. This mop system provides an efficient and reliable cleaning solution tailored to any environment.

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